The Real Junk Food ProjectThe Real Junk Food Project network are running a one-off pop-up kitchen event at Northfield Ecocentre on Tuesday 4th November at 7.30pm. Come and find out about this amazing scheme and what their plans are for Birmingham. Alongside getting some free food you'll be able to hear how you can get involved in supporting this brilliant initiative.

The Real Junk Food Project network is a network of self-sustainable Community Interest Companies that aims to abolish all food waste produce, feeding those that are food insecure in the process. On Monday 16th December 2013 TRJFP opened the UK’s first Pay-As-You-Feel café in Leeds. They intercept food produce that has been designated "waste" from households, businesses and organizations and utilize this to create nutritious, healthy meals and allow customers to ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’ (PAYF). The PAYF concept gives users of the service the option to donate whatever they feel for the service they receive. Financial payments are actively de-emphasised: they encourage local people to volunteer their time and skills as payment, encouraging everyone to actively reconsider the value both of their own time and food that has been deemed worthless by our society.

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Apple JuiceUrban Harvest has been in full flow over the last few months with well over half a ton of unwanted fruit picked from gardens and community orchards across the south of Birmingham. Much of this has been distributed to charities, schools and social enterprises in Birmingham, with the rest being juiced or turned into jams and preserves. This means Northfield Ecocentre now has fresh, locally sourced apple juice ready for all you juice connoiseurs out there!

We ask for a donation of £2.50 for each 75cl bottle and all proceeds will help to keep this project going for next years harvest. We've only got a few hundred bottles so get in quick for this great opportunity to taste really local food, it would also make a perfect gift for someone at Christmas.


Northfield Warm HomesNorthfield Ecocentre is working with a range of local community partners to offer a free energy advice service for people struggling to stay warm this winter. People referred from our partner organisations can receive a Crisis Pack, a Home Energy Visit and a Home Energy Pack all aimed at helping people keep warm and reduce fuel bills.

For more information click here

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It is with very mixed emotions that I announce that I will be leaving the Ecocentre in October to take up a new role leading a Birmingham Third Sector Organisation. I have been involved with the Ecocentre since 2008 when I was recruited to turn the vision into a reality. I have had an amazing journey over the past six years. I have had the privilege to work with amazing people, make some fantastic friends and be involved with projects that are really making a positive difference to the environment and to our community.

When I started six years ago I had never before worked with a Quaker organisations and I have learnt so much about patience, communication, respect and living by example. For these reasons and many others I have found it truly inspiring to work with Friends.


Good Grub – The Great Northfield Bake Off

We may not all be star bakers but Northfield residents will now be given the chance to improve their culinary skills thanks to three local organisations.


We've had incredibly fun-filled weeks with all our family outdoor activities this summer that attracted a record number of visitors.

It was good to see plenty of familiar faces returning to take part in more sessions to  learn about the wildlife and trees at Masefield Community Garden but also learning how to build a fire safely, making amazing dens. Above all everybody enjoyed the magical atmosphere of the site... Imagination and creativity were let free and wild!

We were also lucky to welcome a group of energy loaded young people from the neighbouring Masefield Community Centre.


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Urban Harvest

Northfield Ecocentre have undertaken the Urban Harvest Project for the last two years.  Each year, groups of volunteers, led by a Coordinator have harvested fruit from residents’ gardens and public spaces; fruit that would normally go to waste due to residents being unable to pick the fruit themselves or because they have an abundance of produce.

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Green Box RecyclingUp until now only plastic bottles, tin cans, glass bottles, paper and card could be collected for recycling at the kerbside, but with immediate effect, households can now add plastic pots, tubs, food trays and aluminium foil to their green recycling boxes or in the body of their recycling wheelie bin.

Whilst the range of items that can be recycled is expanding, there are still many plastic items that cannot be accepted due to processing limitations these include all types of black plastic, all types of plastic bags, wrappers, polystyrene, Tetra Paks and films. Also, all other non-packaging plastic items such as toys, washing-up bowls and buckets.


Northfield Ecocentre was recently visited by Friends from Stourbridge and Dudley Quaker Meetings. The Ecocentre is owned by Central England Quakers but not everyone has had a chance to visit before. This is a reflection of the first time visit by Marjorie from the Stourbridge meeting newsletter. Thank you for such a lovely write up.

And what is an Eco-centre?  What does it do?

Never having visited such a place before, unlike many of the visiting group (20 adults and 6 children) who ca

me to Northfield on that drizzling grey Saturday morning, I wasn’t clear what to expect.  Persons wearing green (recycled) haloes and reconstituted sackcloth perhaps?  Solemn lobbyists with posters of Jonathan Porritt on their office walls?

No such thing.  The Eco-centre, a former bookshop, now seven years old, is tucked away in a surprising small green enclave, adjacent to Northfield Meeting House and Victoria Park.  Much more surprising is the range of activities and local involvement which engages its staff.  These include several forms of Outreach from “gardening for the beginner” to lending bicycles to the tentative commuter; offering help and advice to the willing and unwilling on all things ecological, resourceful and resource-based; engaging children from an early age in the business of growing and greening, caring and harvesting.  Community gardens and orchards are among their many concerns, led by Georgia and her 7 part-time staff, as well as volunteers. 


It's that time of year again - another school year over and six weeks of holidays waiting to be filled with exciting memories.

At the Ecocentre, we have been working hard to offer families some quality activities to enjoy together in the great outdoors right on our doorstep. Explore nature together whether you are going on a journey using all five senses, on a forest school adventure or meeting our friend Stickman.

Here are the unmissable dates you should immediately put in your diary:

Wed 23rd July, 10am-12pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Wed 23rd July, 2-4pm at Northfield Ecocentre: Ecokids - Sensory Journey

Fri 25th July, 2-4pm at Northfield Ecocentre: Ecokids - Sensory Journey

Sat 26th July, 2-4pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Wed 30th July, 10am-12pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Wed 6th Aug, 10am-12pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Wed 13th Aug, 10am-12pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Wed 13th Aug, 2-4pm at Northfield Ecocentre: Ecokids - Meet our Friend Stickman

Fri 15th Aug, 2-4pm at Northfield Ecocentre: Ecokids - Meet our Friend Stickman

Wed 27th Aug, 10am-12pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

Sat 30th Aug, 2-4pm at Masefield Community Garden: The Wild Bunch Forest School

If you're inspired by the Tour de France, why not have a look at our family cycling activities on the Cycle South Brum website.

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