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Local fruit for local people!

We have fresh, locally produced Apple Juice (£2.50/litre), Jams & Chutneys for sale (£2/jar) - all made with local fruit picked in an around Birmingham. Pop in to the Ecocentre to buy.

Thank you to every one who has donated fruit and volunteered to help pick. We really appreciate your generosity and enthusiasm for Urban Harvest. We have now finished collecting fruit for this season. Watch this space for 2014.

Jackie Green - Urban Harvest Coordinator

Jackie Green Apples


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Urban Harvest - Crowdfunding

We were successful in our crowdfunding bid to raise money to deliver and develop Urban Harvest. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Urban Harvest works to make sure the fruit we grow in our communities is used instead of left to rot while we import apples from New Zealand.

Every year tonnes of urban fruit goes to waste as people are either unable to pick it, can't deal with the quantity or simply don’t know what to do with the fruit. Urban Harvest provides a solution to this problem and has a positive environmental impact by using fruit with almost zero food miles that would otherwise go to waste.

Birmingham residents with fruit trees including apples, pears, plums, cherries and damsons can have their fruit picked. Some of the fruit is shared between the volunteer pickers and fruit owners. Some is given to children's centres and organisations promoting healthy eating. Some will be available for food bank customers. The rest will be sold and made into jams, pickles, and chutneys to raise an income to deliver the project next year.

We also work with Birmingham based groups and individuals to harvest the fruit during the season (Sept-Nov). Urban Harvest is able to offer work experience to local people and has a focus on targeting disadvantaged groups in the city. Harvesting fruit together is great fun and there are lots of reasons to get involved, and all volunteers are given fresh fruit at the end of each session.


We will be picking every Tuesday and Thursday from 26th September. If you have fruit trees that need picking then please get in touch with us.


We have lots of opportunities for volunteering with Urban Harvest. There are some great benefits for volunteering your time with us:

Health and Wellbeing:

§ Low stress outdoor activity

§ Contributing to a social and environmental aim

§ Fresh produce share

§ Gentle physical activity- flexible to clients ability

§ Connecting with others, being active, learning through doing, curiosity, giving

§ Personal and social benefits of environmental activity

§ Physical: improved stamina, fitness, weight management. 20 minutes gardening burns 118 calories (354 per hour)

§ Mental wellbeing

§ Environmental awareness and appreciation

§ Personal contact and encouragement

§ Connection with land

§ Involvement in decision making


Education and Skills:

§ Work experience: turning up on time, carrying out tasks as directed by team, working to health and safety standards, working with the general public

§ Team work and cooperation

§ Production of chutney and jam

§ Environmental awareness

§ Learning about tree care and fruit growing (organic)

§ Learning skills in horticulture, urban food production, Permaculture, health and safety in the workplace

§ Development of understanding of where our food comes from


Community development:

§ Feeling part of a community with common goal, being an ambassador

§ Reward of seeing process from harvesting to juicing/preserving

§ Development of community of Fruit harvesters and members

§ Environment as common language for all regardless of background

§ Reducing waste


If you want to get involved we will meet at the Ecocentre at 9.30am on each picking day and will aim to arrive back to the Ecocentre around 4pm. You can come along for some or all of the day. We will arrange to get you to the sites. Please bring a packed lunch if you are coming for the whole day. Please wear long sleeves and closed toe shoes as apples can be heavy and hurt if they land on you! We do have some hard hats for you to wear.

On Thursdays from 10th October we will be picking in the evening until the light fades, we will meet at the Ecocentre at 5.30pm. We will also be holding a family picking day on Saturday 19th October.

What we are working to achieve with Urban Harvest:

  • Reduce fruit waste in our communities.
  • Reduce carbon emissions from food through lower food miles by using local produce that was previously wasted.
  • Improve nutrition locally through access to fresh fruit.
  • Provide positive volunteer opportunities for people loking for employment to develop skills, confidence and gain a reference.
  • Build communities, bringing people together over a common cause.
  • Encourage procurement of local goods to boost economic growth



If you have fruit that needs picking, or have a glut of fruit you can't use please contact Jackie or Georgia on 0121 448 0119 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Northfield Ecocentre is working with Martineau Gardens, Urban Veg and Growing Birmingham to deliver Urban Harvest.



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